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                                                   FREE AIRPORT DVD'S.

                              As of Wednesday 5th April 2017 all dvd's on this website will become free of charge.

                              I will ask for no payment to myself as of this date, and dvd's will be sent to anyone who orders them as long as a voluntary payment is made to a charity of your own choice by cheque, cash, old socks or whatever you wish to donate to the charity.

                              Please read the following guidelines which I hope will answer any questions and explain how the process will work.

1/  Each dvd on the website has a guide price for reference only. I would expect that anyone ordering any dvd would match that price with a donation to the charity of your own choice. The charity can be British Heart Foundation, cancer related, animal charity or whatever you choose.

2/  New dvd's will continue to appear on the website as and when produced, with a recommended price for reference only. [ I will not accept any more payments in the future for the dvd's ].  

3/ I will cover all costs of production and postage. I would ask that dvd's are ordered in multiples of two [ minimum ] as it costs the same to post two as it does to post one - thereby making it cheaper for me to post and hopefully your charity gets a few more pounds.

4/ As older dvd's go out of stock, I will not replace them so get them while you can. Any exceptional requests of new copies of out of stock dvd's will be £10.00 each due having to do them from scratch -and it takes quite a while to do each one!      

5/Do not click on or send any payments to Paypal after this date for the dvd's as this will just complicate things when I wish to make them easier.

6/ If you do wish to order any dvd's, send me an e-mail at daverossy98@tiscali.co.uk with the title/s and reference number for cross check. If any you order have gone out of stock in the meantime I will let you know immediately.

7/ Should you order, I do not need or wish to know how much you have donated or to which charity, as that would be your own private business and I ask for no proof of donation. 

8/Please note that the TAS shops at Manchester will still stock a limited supply of these dvd titles and payment will be made to the TAS shops as usual - this is a long standing relationship which we have had and which will continue into the future. Only dvd's ordered via my e-mail using the website info are free of charge as of 5/4/17.

Why are the dvd's free now you might ask?

The easy answer is that the proceeds from any order will go to charity and that will be a good sort of feel thing and I'm at a stage of life whereby it's probably time to do something good for somebody else a change! So there you have it. Hope you choose a dvd or two in the future.

Thank you,

Dave Ross.


 Added in September 2018 is the following; I have now pretty much run out of all titles barring those saved for orders historically made. All titles , if now ordered are £10.00 each with all details still as above - ie all money to go to any charity of your own choice. Thank you for your past custom.





























































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